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Real Estate Information

Real Estate Information Florida

Short Sale

A short sale is a property that is listed for sale below the outstanding mortgage balance. The bank may forgive all or part of the deficiency. These types of sales normally involve a very lengthy process. A Short Sale can take up to 6 months to a year to process.


In America most communities have a Home Owners Association which is known as HOA for short. The HOA is formed from property owners of the community and who take on the task to set and enforce the rules to ensure the community and its owners abide by the standards set. 


The HOA also sets the annual budget for expenses. To cover the cost of things such as landscaping areas, community pool, clubhouse, security and all costs involved with the running the community, everybody pays an equal share.Generally the better the facilities the higher the fees are.. In some resorts this may be handled by a management company if none of the owners choose to be part of the board.

This payment is mandatory and failure to pay this can result in a foreclosure.


Property Management

Century 21 Team Feltrim takes pride in providing professional, honest and ethical service to our clients and look forward to assisting you make this a successful business venture.

We provide property management and rental services for villas, town homes and condominiums to absentee owners who desire to rent out their property on a short or long term rental basis.

We believe that trust is a major part of a successful property management operation and we will work hard to match you with a property manager that will suit your needs. We have a highly skilled labour force ready to meet your every demand. We provide Property Management all over the Country, including Davenport Property Management and Windermere Property Management, to name a few.

We strive to care for and manage your property as if it were our own. Our goal is to provide superior management of your property and utilize our experience and resource to attain the maximum amount of rental bookings as possible for each and every owner in our program. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible.




Century 21 Internationally Renowned

Century 21 is one of the world’s largest residential real estate sales organizations. They provide Feltrim with comprehensive training, management, administrative and marketing support.

C21 is comprised of 7,600 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices, 112,000 agents in 72 countries and territories worldwide. They are recognized as a leader in e-marketing and have received numerous awards.  Working together, Century21 Team Feltrim help our clients find a property, compare them and compile a unique wish list to find their perfect home.  The partnership ensures our clients enjoy invaluable choice and security. Local knowledge and experience combines with international scale and reputation to deliver against our mission on a genuinely international level with “Best of Breed” policies in each area of the business.



What Team Feltrim Can Do For You

• Rental Management

• Property Maintenance

• Buying Real Estate

• Selling Real Estate, not just locally, but globally

• Assist in Purchasing a Foreclosure or Short-Sale Property

• Home Builder Liaison


MLS – Multiple listing Service

The multiple listing service or MLS is a database of properties that are actively available for sale or have previously sold. Real Estate companies market their listings to other agents through this service. All real estate professionals have access to this database. This provides a great system as it enables you to view all properties without having to visit numerous offices, you simply find a real estate agent that you have trust in and they can access the property database to find you your dream home.



Property tax for foreign nationals is the same as property tax for residents of the United States.

A good place to look up property tax is by visiting the county Tax Appraisers office and looking at tax records.


Find the Perfect Vacation Home

Century21 Team Feltrim is aware that every buyer is different, what one buyer may love can be a different story with another buyer. So it is important to find the right home for you and your family.  C21 Team Feltrim will work on your behalf to find the ideal home, we will gain a keen understanding of your needs and your goals, we then work hard to create a portfolio of suitable homes and present you with them for evaluation. We believe information is key to your overall decision, for this reason we give you as much information that is available to us.


To make that decision several points of important criteria have to be established.


You must evaluate your Budget, Financing, Goals, Time Frame and how often  you will use the vacation home. All of these factors must be evaluated prior to purchasing your dream vacation home.


THE ROI (Return on Investment) of your vacation property is a calculation made by simply taking what money you are able to generate from renting the property and removing the cost of generating those monies to give you an annual sum.

You may choose to rent your property Long term or Short Term. Visit our Short- Term Calculator page to help you make the calculation a simple task. If you do not understand this information or require more information on ROI please contact a member of the team today and we will be happy to guide you through the process. Remember ROI of a property is calculated a year in advance.

Century C21 Team Feltrim can get you the best result. This is based on our knowledge and experience in the property sector. To calculate the ROI on a Long Term investment please visits our Long Term, Calculator page. 








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