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C21 Team Feltrim » Buying and Owning a Property in Central Florida The E-Book

Buying and Owning a Property in Central Florida The E-Book

Buying Propertyin Central Florida BookBuying and Owning a Property in Central Florida, written by experienced developer and entrepreneur Garrett Kenny, who lives and works in the region and ‘knows it like the back of his hand’ is the essential guide for the sensible buyer.


This informative guide is essential for any overseas buyers who are thinking of buying real estate in the Sunshine State. Buyers from overseas have spent $50 billion-plus on more than 250,000 properties in Florida from 2009-summer 2013, according to data from the National Association of Realtors.


Buying and Owning a Property in Central Florida covers everything you need to know about the process, including how to carry out initial research, how to find the right property and who should own it, inspections, surveys and the financial and legal processes. It also explores other essential issues including the cost of buying, moving in, letting your property, investments, visas and immigration, taxes and more.


Who better to guide you through the process than Florida-based developer and entrepreneur Garry Kenny, who started living in Central Florida in 1996 and moved there permanently in 2001? He has since built up a very successful business developing, selling and managing property in Central Florida, through his companies, Feltrim Developments and C21 Team Feltrim.


buying property in florida book


Garrett has a passion for Florida and the many lifestyle benefits it offers – and wants to help more people move to the popular state by explaining the process and helping to take away the worry.


“The more I look at the books and guides available to those who want to join us here in Florida – whether as the owners of a holiday home or an investment property or as people coming to settle in the sun – the more I have become depressed about the poor quality of the materials available.


“I know how many things can appear worrying to someone not familiar with the way things are done here and I know just how many things I know today that I really wish I had been aware of when I first came to Florida. I hope you find this book easy to understand, interesting and – above all – useful.”


Garrett aims are:

• to give you a short, readable and practical outline to buying property in Central Florida;
• to help you understand and solve the problems involved
• to save you time, stress and money.


“In short, I will deal with the ‘must-knows’. I will also explain the significance and importance of some of the choices you will have to make. This is not always obvious! In addition, I will link you to sources with fuller information.


“What you will NOT find in this book are discussions about the best restaurants in the area or descriptions of the various attractions in Orlando. If you are buying this book, you will be happy to get that information from other (and better) sources.”


Garrett reminds anyone thinking of buying a property or doing business in another country to ALWAYS take professional advice. If you have any questions regarding “Buying and Owning a Property in Central Florida” please feel free to contact us:


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